The iPE Mission

Provide teachers with e-Learning curriculum that is relevant, engaging, and measurably effective.
Your Opportunity, Our Solutions


The first digital wave in schools included new devices (1:1), new platforms (learning management software), and new networks (wifi). The first digital wave didn't include much use of technology in pedagogy, curriculum, or assessment.

The Gap

Schools recognize that pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment is specific to grade level and subject matter. Teachers were asked to "make it happen" with curated content, open education resources (OER), and textbook alternatives.

The Problem

Hand-crafted tech lessons show promise but lack scale. Asking teachers to create digital learning solutions is neither effective, consistent, nor sustainable. Professional development cannot transform educators into curriculum developers.

Let Teachers Teach

The winning strategy is the use of proven "shrink-wrapped" curriculum allowing teachers to do what they do best - teach. Educational solutions, like iHealth and iPE, enable educators to focus on outcomes-based experiences via independent learning.

iPE provides 'shrink-wrapped' curriculum enabling teachers to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

About our Founder

Gary Lemke has a long relationship with technology. He spent much of his career with Hewlett-Packard and Bell Laboratories before launching a technology research and advisory firm. Intrigued by the untapped potential of educational technology, Gary founded Interactive PE to demonstrate the promise and possibility of blended learning. He currently serves as President and Executive Director of INSHAPE and is a member of the SHAPE America Health Literacy Group. In 2016, PBS named Gary a LearningMedia Digital Innovator.