The Interactive PE (iPE) mission

Our mission:     develop physically literate individuals . . .

. . . by providing the opportunity, knowledge, and motivation for young people to develop "fit for life" strategies that lead to healthier and happier lives.

Relevancy, Rigor, Relationship:   iPE is an educational companion for teachers seeking a balanced kinetic/academic pedagogy that motivates students to "own" their fitness. iPE is a complete curriculum delivered via blended learning that encourages students to discover their fitness personality. Lifetime fitness skills are developed independent of particular sport or physical activity.

Standards adherence without compromise: iPE provides a single curriculum regardless of option - in-school, blended, alternative (waiver), or distance learning - without sacrificing standards adherence.

Students deserve a better PE:   Physical education has to mean more than a checkmark on a student's transcript. Physical education should be the catalyst that launches students to a lifetime of healthful physical activity. High school physical education is the last chance schools have to "gift" one of the most important life skills necessary for every day life. It's a precious opportunity . . . let's not waste it.

It's time to change the game:   Childhood obesity has tripled in one short generation, adolescent diabetes is epidemic, teenager stress is at an all-time high, and academic performance has plateaued. Physical education needs to evolve with the changing needs of a new generation. Instead of rolling out the ball, it's time to roll out a new approach.