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The iPE/iHealth Approach

Each course is a full semester of lessons, assignments, assessments, along with a final examination. Students begin each course with a pre-course evaluation to determine baseline understanding. Learning effectiveness is measured by the comparison of pre-course knowledge to post-course academic results.

Each unit contains video lessons addressing a topical question considered relevant and important to the student. The lessons concludes with the "Big Idea" - the primary concept within the lesson. Students can view the lessons as many times as deemed necessary to to master the material before completing formative questions.

Students get immediate feedback and may review lessons for retaking formative assessments. Grades are based on the average of all attempts rewarding students for mastery even if it takes more than one try.

Interactive PE1

00   Pre-Course Evaluation 
01   Your Starting Line
02   Let'S Get Moving
03   Evaluating Fitness
04   Why PE Matters
05   Your Fitness Fundamentals
06   The Heart Of Your Fitness
07   Your Heart Training
08   Your Cardio
09   Your Endurance
10   Your Energy
11   Your Nutrition
12   Your Body
13   Your Flexibility
14   Your Strength
15   Your Finish Line
16   Your Final

Interactive PE2

00   Pre-Course Evaluation 
01   Your Starting Line
02   Your Fitness Goal
03   Tracking Your Fitness
04   Your Fitness Brain
05   Your Fitness Motivation
06   Your Fitness Fundamentals
07   Your Fitness Intensity
08   Your Fitness Potential
09   Your Fitness Fuel
10   Your Fitness Body
11   Your Rest And Relaxation
12   Your Fitness Safety
13   Your Sportsmanship
14   Your Finish Line
15   Your Final Exam


01   Before you Begin
02   Making Healthy Decisions
03   Your Feelings
04   More About Your Feelings
05   All in the Family
06   My Friends, My Health
07   Out of Harm's Way
08   Alcohol
09   Up in Smoke
10   Substances: Legal and Illegal
11   Reproduction
12   Infectious/Chronic Diseases
13   Making Healthy Decisions
14   Your Nutrition
15   Your Fitness
16   In an Emergency
17   Your Final


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