How does iHealth/iPE work?
Interested but need to know more? Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Is iPE/iHealth right for my school?
Do I have to buy textbooks or equipment?
Does it work on a tablet or smartphone?
Absolutely! Every student deserves the opportunity to learn skills they can use for a lifetime of healthy, happy, and fit living.
No. All course materials and resources are digitally accessible via the cloud.
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Yes, iPE works on all devices with internet access and a browser.

Can students work at their own pace?
Are there IEP/ENL accommodations?
Is there a final exam?
Yes. Late enrollments are easily added. Students can also work ahead.
Many of the features of iPE/iHealth help students of need be successful.
Yes. In addition to the standard final, an adapted version is also available.

What is required to take iHealth/iPE?
How much does iPE/iHealth cost?
What if a student doesn't have Internet?
Students only need to have Internet access and a browser to use their username and password. No software or apps to download.
Cost depends on school enrollment. Typical per-student cost is similar to a textbook rental. Please contact us for a quote.
Experience confirms that schools and communities almost always have access plans for individuals in need.

Do I have to grade many assignments?
What support can I expect?
Is there an honor code?
No. Most grading is automatic so students immediately see their scores.
We provide on-going support and assistance at no additional cost. You are never alone.
Yes. Students are expected to do their own work.

Does our school need to be 1:1?
How is the course kept current?
Can I evaluate iPE/iHealth?
No. There is no difference in student success between 1:1 schools and non-1:1 schools. It's about the curriculum, not the technology.
Course are continously updated and upgraded at no additional cost.
Absolutely. Evaluation courses allow you to experience iPE/iHealth as both a student and a teacher. Contact us to get started.

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