Credit Flexibility Options

Background: Indiana's Core 40 curriculum provides the academic foundation all students need to succeed in college and the workforce. The completion of Core 40 is an Indiana graduation requirement and includes at least two credits in physical education (IN courses 3542 and 3544). The Indiana State Board of Education allows schools a degree of flexibility in working with students and engaging them in challenging content.

Possible credit flexibility options:

  In-school PE:   traditional physical education as part of a student's class schedule.
  Alternative PE:   physical activity as a part of a school sport or activity.
  Summer school PE:   a shorter, more intense version of in-school PE.
  Distance learning:   online academic course with individual physical activity.

IMPORTANT: Each school district has the local authority to determine the acceptability of credit flexibility options. Contact your guidance counselor for your school's policy.


iPE Position Statement:

Based on proven core academic values, we believe: 1) "physical education" and "physical activity" are used interchangeably but differ in important ways; 2) physical education must include a balanced academic/kinetic curriculum, and; 3) all credit flexibility options should meet the same physical education standards and course expectations.

By making physical education relevant and enjoyable, thousands of students from many different high schools use iPE to earn credit via all four options (in-school, alternative, summer school, and distance learning) using one standards-based curriculum.


What's your best option?   While every student situation is unique, consider these important guidelines:
  Best:   whenever possible, students complete both PE credits as a part of their regular school schedule.
  Better:   the first PE credit is completed as a part of a student's regular school schedule. The second PE credit is earned through summer school or alternative PE (waiver).
  Acceptable:   a distance learning course may be appropriate for exceptional cases including course recovery, expulsion, pregnancy, incarceration, injury, individual needs, etc.). Exceptions should only be considered when all other options have been exhausted.

Make your move:   Not sure which option is best for you? Talk with your quidance counselor or inquire.