Who uses iPE/iHealth?

"You haven't taught until they have learned." ~ John Wooden

iPE/iHealth is the curriculum of choice
for discerning teachers
in a wide array of school situations including:

High schools and middle schools
Small schools, large schools
Public schools, private schools
Alternate and special needs
Rural, urban, and suburban school districts

What teachers say about iPE/iHealth

Lisa Pawlik, Penn High School
"iPE/iHealth makes it easy for all teachers to use the same curriculum. "

Candy Ogle, Warren Central High School
"We can effectively use educational technology without having to invest in specialized training or extended professional development."

Dee Fowler, Noblesville High School
"The focus on the importance of health, wellness, and fitness allows us to achieve better student learning outcomes."

Matt Barker, Heritage Christian High School
"iPE adds more academic rigor and integrity to our courses."

Maria Hallman, DeKalb High School
"iPE allows us to offer course coherency across general physical education, summer school, and alternative PE."

Diane Hearn, Seeger Memorial High School
"We standardized on iPE/iHealth for all students in our school."