Fitness, health, and well-being are as much an intellectual endeavor as a physical act.

You know the score.
Childhood obesity has tripled in the last generation.
Adolescent diabetes and chronic diseases are epidemic.
Life expectency is on the decline for the first time in history.
The status quo is not working for a large part of the student population.

Something has to change. What can you do?

Update the curriculum. Offer learning opportunities in new ways.
'Flip the classroom' to engage students.
Focus on relevancy and enjoyment via skills-based education.
Your Goal: Healthy Behavior Outcomes (HBOs)

Why teachers use iPE/iHealth

Digital Innovation
Buy versus Build
Analytics / Reporting
Use technology without having to create and teach technology. Focus on outcomes, not tools.
"Do it Yourself" is great if you have the time and energy. Developers develop. Teachers teach.
Data to measure learning. Highly effective artifacts for reporting and teacher evaluations.
Earn the respect of your supervisor and colleagues with best in class e-Learning in action.

Chart a new course, make a difference . . . with blended learning.